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Training & Lessons

Sales & Leases

Surcharge for In-House Lease on

Non-Epic Farm Horse or Pony          $200 per month

Commission for Horse Sales & Leases

through our barn                                   15%

Consignments -

We accept selected horses and ponies on consignment.

We will tailor a program of conditioning, training and

marketing to help you realize the best sales price.


Priced per program + commission                        


Indoor Arena use by non-boarder - $50

Blankets Washed - $20 per blanket

Foot Soak or Leg Hose - $1 per minute

Hand Walk - $1 per minute

Hold for Vet or Farrier - $1 per minute

Tack Cleaning - $8 per bridle with reins;

$15 per saddle

Wrapping - $15 


Bathing - Full Bath $30; Legs Only $15

Full Groom - $30

Includes curry, body brush, mane & tail,

hooves picked & oiled

Full Groom with Tack-Up - $40

Includes full groom, plus tack-up, un-tack

and tack cleaned

Body Clipping - $150 - $200, depending on

size of horse

Face Trim & Bridlepath - $15 without ears;

$25 with ears

Legs Clipped to Knees and Hocks - $50

Manes Pulled - $50

Added Services

​Our added services will give you more time to ride and enjoy your horse!

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Fitting for Show

or Auction Sale

We will tailor a program of fitting and conditioning, grooming and clipping to get your horse ready for the

show ring or for sale by auction.


Priced per program - no commission

on auction sale unless we act as agent