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training packages

For our Boarders and 
On-Farm Lease Customers 

Package 1 - ​$ 750*

                  Includes 12 Services per Month

Package 2 - ​$ 900*
                  Includes 16 Services per Month

Package 3 - ​$1000*
                  Includes 20 Services per Month

*Subsequent services will be billed at the

pro-rated package rate


lessons, training & riding 

For our Boarders and

On-Farm Lease Customers 
(if a package has not not been purchased)

Lessons or Training Ride  -  $70

Lunge or Free Lunge  -       $30 

(grooming not included)

Unsupervised Practice Hack on an

Epic Farm horse  -             $50 when available 

Outside Trainer Ring Fee - $30

Added Services Available 

(L - R)  Linda with Teddy

           Arlene with Donovan

David with Danny Boy

An all-new facility with spacious, light and airy stalls, individualized care and turn-out.

(see our Facilities page for more detail)



Ride indoors or outdoors

Epic Farm strives to provide a warm, friendly,

family atmosphere for all our valued customers.  

To that end, we believe that courtesy, respect

and consideration are essential to ensure that everyone enjoys the time they're able to spend here.  

So our first and most fundamental barn rule is:

Please be courteous and polite to fellow boarders,

lesson students and staff at all times -- rude behavior, bullying or displays of temper have no place here and will not be tolerated.

  • NO SMOKING near the barns or hay trailers
  • HELMETS - must be worn at all times
  • ALL CHILDREN UNDER 12 - must be supervised     by an adult
  • NO ONE UNDER AGE 18 - may jump a horse or pony unless in a lesson


  • Do not turn your horse out or bring him in    without informing staff
  • Do not use Epic Farm tack or supplies without permission -- this includes grooming supplies,       hay, grain, bedding, etc.
  • Pick your horse's hooves before leaving the stall and when leaving the indoor arena
  • Close all barn and bathroom doors securely      when the heat is on  
  • Do not linger in the grooming stall if others         are waiting to use it
  • Clean up after yourself and your horse before     and after riding -- this includes the grooming     stall, tack room and any manure piles your

       horse has left in the arenas or driveways.  

  • Put all your personal belongings away before leaving and fold blankets when not in use
  • Remember when riding in the arena that       lessons always have the right-of-way.
  • Do not distract the instructor, or any rider,     during a lesson -- this can be a safety hazard
  • Do not jump any Epic Farm horse or pony       outside of your lesson

NO TRAINING of horses by friends or other customers!

There is a fee for outside trainers

Please consult us if there are any questions.

WE ASK THAT YOU INFORM US of any needed repairs, maintenance issues, care issues, etc.  It is important that we are aware of any problem so we can take care

of it.

​This is where your horse wants to be!

Our freshly-groomed arena - great

footing and natural light.

Enjoying a beautiful summer day


We require a signed waiver from all ...

For your convenience, you can follow this link

to download or print this form from our site. 

Happy Birthday to Emi Richard!
We had a fun party at the barn, 

with lots of treats and games for about 40 attendees. 


​$1200 per month

$    50 per day



Twice daily feeding, with supplements provided by owner, and hay fed 5 times per day. 

Daily turnout, stalls cleaned at least once per

day and light laundry (no blankets)

Added Services Available