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Epic Farm

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Our Facility

   The dogwoods are in bloom

   Grass paddock

The barn at twilight

   Paddock in the early morning mist

   Coming in from the paddocks

Rosa (L) and Treasure (R)

   Courtyard center entry

stone pavers are now in -- new photo soon

  The main indoor arena & viewing room with porch

   Two of the seven total wash & groom stalls

Cooper (our Sheltie) is looking at the new

outdoor arena and the new "T" barn on the right  

The viewing room is elevated and has a full view of the arena

   One of four bathrooms 

This one has a shower (not shown)  and changing area

Full view stall doors, fans and mats in all stalls

The main indoor arena 100' x 204'

Large roll-up windows and a roof ridge sky belt

Every stall has a Dutch door with full yoked screen

One of the tack rooms in the courtyard barn

Ride Indoors or Out

Front of the courtyard barn showing both stall wings

The Outdoor Arena


 Our new outdoor arena is 140' wide x 220' long, with   the same great footing as our indoor.  It is easily 

 accessible from both barns. 

The Paddocks


 Every horse needs time to just be a horse . . .

 We provide daily turn-out for all the horses in our

 care.  Currently, we have 17 paddocks available,

 with more planned


  • two large grass paddocks which are cleaned regularly, rotated and maintained

  • five paddocks without grass for the horses 

       or ponies with grass sensitivity.


  • ten all-weather paddocks for days when the grass is too muddy or the snow is too deep

The Indoor Arenas                 

​Our main indoor arena is 100' wide x 204' long, with 

20 roll-up windows that are 7 ft wide x 8 ft high.  We also have skylighting along the ridge of the roof, so our arena has great natural light and air quality.

The warm-up arena is 60' wide x 120' long, with large

sliding windows and skylighting for natural light and

cross ventilation.  The new connector building allows

easy covered access between the two indoor arenas.

The footing for both is a modern blend that offers soft cushion without being too deep -- the horses love it.

Located on one end of the main arena, we have a large

climate-controlled Viewing Room, with a kitchen

and comfortable seating.  The barn Lounge also has

​an elevated section to view the indoor.

Surrounded by 27 acresof lush grass and century-old

trees, the farm's setting  is very quiet and peaceful.  

You'll feel like you're out in the country, but we're 

close to major routes, so access is quick and easy.   


The Courtyard Barn


The "T" Barn

 All new and state-of-the-art -- our barns were designed

 and built for the comfort and safety of the horses, along

 with some nice amenities for our clients to enjoy.


 In both barns, the work area and rooms are heated;

 there are high ceilings, lots of windows and great cross

 ventilation, which makes the entire barn environment 

 light and comfortable year-round.  


 Our courtyard barn has 20 stalls -- each of the two barn 

 wings has 10 spacious 12'x12' stalls.  Our "T" barn has 

 an additional 14 stalls (all 12'x12'), for a total of 34.

 In both barns, the wash, groom and tack-up areas are 

 in an insulated, heated aisle; it's great during the winter,

 and the stall aisles can be closed off to allow the horses   more peace and quiet so they can relax when they're

 not working.   


 Stalls - Each stall has a full view door onto the aisle

 and a Dutch door with a large window and a full yoked

 screen to the outside.  All stalls are fitted with rubber

 mats, a permanent fan and bright lighting.  The ceilings   in both barns are 11 ft high, so every horse benefits   from added light and air circulation.  The courtyard
 barn has automatic waterers with consumption gauges.


 Wash & Groom Stalls- The courtyard barn has 4 wash   and groom stalls; the "T" barn has 3 wash and groom   stalls.  They all feature slip-resistant recessed rubber

 mats, hot water, hose booms and built-in shelves.  Each is brightly lit to make clipping easier, and there

 are infra-red heaters and fans.       


 Tack Rooms- The courtyard barn has two spacious

 heated tack rooms, one for each stall wing.  Both have   been fitted with built-in tack trunks, bridle racks, saddle

 racks and shelves for helmets, so all tack and gear can 

 be kept neatly organized.  Both tack rooms have a 

 center island with a deep sink and a saddle stand for

 cleaning saddles and leathers.

 The courtyard barn has two large Blanket Closets

 one in each stall wing.

 The "T" barn has a double-sized tack room with a

 kitchen and tack cleaning area.  In addition, there is a   large storage room for Trunks and Blankets


 Lounge -  In addition to the viewing room at the end

 of the main arena, there is a 12'x24' heated lounge

 in the courtyard barn.  The lounge has a kitchen and

 an elevated viewing area looking into the indoor.  


 Other Amenities include:  a fully-equipped heated

 laundry room in each barn, and a total of four heated   bathrooms - three half bathrooms and one with a

 shower and dressing area.  

 In the courtyard barn, there is direct access from the   barn into the main indoor arena, and all of the aisles 

 in both barns are fitted with recessed black mats for 

 a clean, secure surface.