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Westbrook Hunt Club - Spring Fling 

April 27-30

Lilly Peck and Shenandoah Mistral earned three 2nds in Short Stirrup - in walk/trot equitation, equitation and under saddle; they had two 3rds in short stirrup hunter.    

Hunter Peck and Shenandoah Mistral teamed up for the Reserve in Leadline, with a win and 2 seconds.

Emi Richards rode Royal Heir to the Reserve in

Pre-Children's, with wins over fences and under saddle.

They also teamed up for a win in the CT Training Hunter 2 ft under saddle and a 3rd over fences.

In Pre-Children's equitation, Emi rode Champlain's

Irish Cream to a 3rd place; they were also 3rd in

the CHJA Pre-Children's Medal.

Emi Richard rode Not So Secret to a 2nd

place finish in the Under Saddle to help

Kyla Sullivan secure the championship in Medium Pony Hunters.  Emi also led

Not So Secret to a 6th place in the Model

Emi Richard and Fairytales placed 3rd in two Small Pony Hunter Over Fences classes, 3rd in the Small Pony Hunter Conformation, and a 3rd the Small Pony Hunter Handy class. 

Emi Richard and Royal Heir (R) were Champions in CT Training Hunter 2 ft, with 3 blues over fences and under saddle -- and Emi beat her mom Jaime, riding Royal Flair (L). Mom could not be prouder! 

The Pines - December 3-4

Emi Richard rode Fairytales to a win in Small Pony Hunter Under Saddle; they were 3rd in the 2'-3" conformation and handy classes and 9th of

15 in the Pony Hunter Classic  

Kyla & Emi with Not So Secret

Old Salem Farm - North Salem, NY

May 9-13

Fairfield County Hunt Club - October 30

*  2016 * 


Feb  21-26

Emi Richard rode Royal Belle to two 2nds in the Small Pony Hunter under saddle. 

Westbrook Hunt Club
Grand Fall Classic - Sept 22-25

Ruby at 25 days

Garden State Horse Show, NJ 

May 3 - 7

The Pines - December 10-11

Kaitlyn & Quattro

Emi Richard and Fairytales won the Championship in the Small Pony Hunter division, with 2 firsts over fences, a 1st under saddle and a 3rd in the handy and the model.

CHSA Finals @ Shallowbrook - 
August 26 - 28

Kaitlyn Leahy and Quattro won the Champion ribbon in Modified Children's Hunter AND they took home the High Point Award for the Highest Score Over Fences for the show!​

Tatum Pusz and Fairytales won the blue in Leadline at Old Salem


Avery Schauder and Royal Heir (Will) had 
two beautiful rounds in the CT Schooling
Hunter 2 ft to capture the win and the Championship!​

Mystic Spring Fling

May 21

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Ruby Arrived - Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 8 pm

Our new filly (and future champion) by Empire's Power

and out of Telynau Fiesta.

David Bailey and Danny Boy came home with four Reserves - in the Modified Adult Hunter division, they were reserve both days, with a total of 2 blues and two 2nds over fences, and two 3rds under saddle; in Modified Adult Equitation, they had 2 wins on the flat and four 2nds over fences.

Emi Richard rode her new pony Fairytales to a 2nd in Small Pony Hunter over fences, a 3rd under saddle and a 3rd in the handy over fences.

Epic Farm

Emi Richard and her new pony Fairytales earned two 2nds on the Schooling Small Pony Hunters Over Fences, a 2nd in the Small Pony Hunter Over Fences and a 2nd in the Small Pony Hunter Over Fences - Conformation.

Mystic Spring II - April 8

Linda Brill and Granted won the Championship in the Modified Adult Hunter 2'-6", with  2 wins

over fences.

Celeste Benson rode Jon Snow to a win in the Modified Adult Hunter Fences Stake.

Jennifer Burke and Cloud 9 won the Modified Hunter Under Saddle class.

Lilly Peck and Shenandoah Mistral won the Short Stirrup Hunter Under Saddle class; they were 3rd in SS Equitation X-rails and 4th in SS

Hunter Fences and placed 4th in the CHSA SS

Equitation Medal.

Kristen Peck and Cicole won 2 blues in Adult/Jr

3 ft Fences; they were 3rd in the NEHC Adult Medal

Emi Richard won the Championship with Quicksilver Rosalia in Cross Rails CT Training Hunter, with wins over fences, under saddle and in the Training Hunter Stake class.   

2017 results continued . . .

Looking back . . .

Westbrook Hunt Club - Jan 28

Old Salem Farm - North Salem, NY 

May 3 - 7

Lexi Lyons had a win with Foxmor Starpower in

Children's Hunter and were Reserve.

Emi Richard and Royal Belle were Champion in 

Children's Hunter, with 2 wins over fences and

a win under saddle.

Jaime & Kaitlyn celebrate


Jaime & Ginger were Reserve.

Emi also won the Championship in Pre-Children's Equitation riding Champlain's Irish Cream.
​Lilly Peck rode her new pony Shenandoah Mistral to the Championship in Short Stirrup Equitation and Reserve in Preliminary Equitation.

The Pines - April 1-2

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Emi Richard rode Fairytales to a 2nd in

Best Jr. Rider on a Pony 

Emi Richard and Fairytales won the Championship

in the Small Pony Hunter division, with wins over fences and under saddle.

WIHS Pony Medal - 1st
USEF Pony Medal - 6th

The Pines - March 11-12

Kailina Olcott and Little Wing teamed up for the Championship in Modified Children's Hunter 2'6", with 4 Blues -- 2 wins in Hunter Over Fences, a win in the Hunter Stake and a win in the Under Saddle.  Wow!

Linda Brill and Granted won the NEHC Adult Medal and were 2nd in the CHJA Adult Medal.

Jennifer Burke was 3rd in Equitation 3' Fences with Cloud 9.

Lilly Peck rode Shenandoah Mistral to a 2nd in Short Stirrup Hunter Over Fences and a 3rd in the Stake class; they were 6th in the Equitation X-Rails and Under Saddle.

Emi Richard and Quicksilver Rosalia won the Reserve in the CT X-Rails Training Hunter, with two 2nds in the Over Fences classes, a 2nd in the Stake class and a blue in the Under Saddle. 

Anaya Charlton rode Set in Silver to 2
wins and a 2nd in Walk Trot Equitation,
and the pair won the Championship.

Ruby, Fiesta  and friends - about 1 week  old

Lilly Peck and Shenandoah Mistral earned 2 seconds in Short Stirrup Equitation and a 4th in

Short Stirrup Equitation on the flat.

Kailina Olcott rode Little Wing to a win and a 3rd in Children's Equitation.

David Bailey and Danny Boy rode to a 2nd and a 3rd in Modified Adult Equitation.

Kristen Peck and Cicole earned a 3rd and two 4ths in Adult Equitation.

Katrina Shulda rode Royal Belle to a 2nd and a 3rd in CT Training Hunter 18"

Jennifer Burke was 3rd in a class of 17 in the CT Training Hunter 2'-6" on her new horse Cloud 9.

Lilly Peck and Shenandoah Mistral were 1st and 2nd over fences and 1st in under saddle.

Lexi Lyons and Foxmor Starpower were 2nd in the Pre-Children's Hunter Under Saddle.

Emi Richards and Fairytales were 2nd in Small Pony Hunter Under Saddle and Small Pony Hunter Conformation, with a 3rd in Small Pony Hunter.

Linda Brill and Granted earned a blue and a second in the USHJA 2'-6" Hunter division.

Jaime Richard rode Jonsnow to the Reserve in 2'-9" Hunter, with a win and two 2nds.


  • WIHSPony Medal - First Place

        Fairytales and Emi Richard

  • USEF Pony Medal - 2nd

        Fairytales and Emi Richard

  •  CHJA Adult 3'

        Granted and Linda Brill

  • NEHC Adult Medal - 2nd Place

       Granted & Linda Brill

  • CHSA Short Stirrup Equitation Medal

       Shenandoah Mistral and Lilly Peck

  • CHSA Pre-Children's Equitation - 4th Place

       Foxmor Starpower and Lexi Lyons

  • CHSA Modified Adult Equitation Medal - 3rd 

       Danny Boy and David Bailey

  • CHSA Children's Equitation Medal - 3rd

       Little Wing and Kailina Olcott