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Heads Up, Heels Down

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Emi leading Jagger to a blue in Leadline @ HITS Ocala Florida

Jagger at Brandywine 

Our past, our present

and our future . . .

Fiesta & long-legged Ruby enjoying

the sun and the grass at Epic Farm

Larissa with Treasure

Jon Snow enjoying 

some down time

Ellie Doolittle with Royal Belle

Land's End Rondo (sire of our Quicksilver Rosalia) had a great show at the Pony Finals 2016, including the award for highest scoring purebred Welsh in the green divisions.

Emi & Fairy -

Winner Pony Hunter Derby @ Old Salem Farm

Quicksilver Rosalia (Rosa) enjoys a break with her friends Claudia, Haley, Maddie,

Audrey and Emi.

Fiesta and Ruby on 1st day out, May 2016

Between classes

Emi with Fairy at Pony Finals

Emi with Fairy in FL

Jagger - Happy Birthday #3

Jill leading Emi on Harley at

the Fairfield Hunt Club show

Summer lilies in bloom decorate the viewing room

Kaitlyn & Quattro at

Shallowbrook 2016

Halloween Party 2016

Linda & Teddy at Westbrook Hunt Club

Jaime with Grace

2015 - Kaitlyn with Grace  at Westbrook

Kaitlyn Leahy with her new partner Quattro won the Schooling Hunter and were Reserve in the Pre-Children's
Adult Equitation at Old Salem in March, 2016.

Larissa & Treasure

Emi Richard on Champlain Irish Cream "Harley"

Blondie with Junior Johnson @ Devon

Tommy @ 6 hrs old

Emi & Fairytales clearing

a jump @ HITS Ocala FL

Linda Brill & Teddy

Fairy & Jon Snow leave

Florida for Connecticut

Emi & Fairytales

at Eastern States

2nd in WIHS Pony Eq and 3rd in M&S USEF Pony Medal

Linda & Teddy @ Westbrook Hunt Club 2015

Five year-old Emi Richard and six

year-old Quicksilver Rosalia (Rosa)

sail over a fence. 

Emi & Jagger

in Florida 2017

Show Prep -

walking the course

Larissa's Birthday Party

Blondie in a grass paddock