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Family time at the farm '17 - (L-R) Emi Richard holding new Sheltie puppy Cooper, Jaime Richard holding Jagger, and Jenner Richard

Kaitlyn with Grace

Royal Heir (Will) and Emi relaxing

at home between shows.

Lexi Lyons & Foxmor Starpower
at The Pines '17 - 6th in the Derby

Our past, our present
and our future . . .

      Lilly Peck and Greymeadows Vogue

Emi Richards with

Sunday Morning

Emi on Henry - Foxmor Evermore

Jill with Kaiden

and Treasure

Tatum Pusz and Fairytales win the blue in Leadline at Old Salem - such

a cute picture!

The barn at night

Celeste, Jaime & Emi -- spectators at the 2017 Central Park Horse Show

Jagger on Fairytales,

with Emi, Jaime & Jenner

Summer Camp 

Lexi Lyons and Farmor Starpower

Royal Scandal (Ginger) winning the Model

at HITS Desert Circuit in Coachella CA

Jan 2018 for new owners Balmoral Farm.

Emi with Royal Heir in VT 2017



TJ shows off his Tri-Color to Jill and Jaime

Epic Farm

Celeste Benson and Jon Snow

Royal Heir at Shallowbrook

Emi Richard riding

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Jagger watching his 

sister in Florida