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Emi with Royal Heir in VT 2017

Celeste Benson and Jon Snow



Royal Heir at Shallowbrook

Emi Richard riding

TJ shows off his Tri-Color to Jill and Jaime

(Left)  Kailina Olcott between classes on 

Little Wing (Grace)

Family time at the farm '17 - (L-R) Emi Richard holding new Sheltie puppy Cooper, Jaime Richard holding Jagger, and Jenner Richard

David Bailey & Danny Boy

Kaitlyn with Grace

Royal Heir (Will) and Emi relaxing

at home between shows.

Lexi Lyons & Foxmor Starpower
at The Pines '17 - 6th in the Derby

Our past, our present
and our future . . .

      Lilly Peck and Greymeadows Vogue

Emi Richards with

Sunday Morning

Emi on Henry - Foxmor Evermore

Emi with new pony Henry --

      Foxmore Evermor

Jill with Kaiden

and Treasure

Tatum Pusz and Fairytales win the blue in Leadline at Old Salem - such

a cute picture!

The main barn at night

Celeste, Jaime & Emi -- spectators at the 2017 Central Park Horse Show

Jagger on Fairytales,

with Emi, Jaime & Jenner

Summer Camp -  2018

Lexi Lyons and Foxmor Starpower

Royal Scandal (Ginger) winning the Model

at HITS Desert Circuit in Coachella CA

Jan 2018 for new owners Balmoral Farm.

Kids with Kids --

Everyone loves the goats

Jagger watching his 

sister in Florida