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Emi & Treasure

ready for Leadline

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Emi & Treasure visit Oz

Emi riding Royal Belle 

Our past, our present and our future . . .

Our past, our present

and our future . . .

Early lessons

A Devon poster

Royal Reign

The Gateway to Devon

Our youngest farm

helper Jagger

Emi and the girls at the

Year-End Awards banquet

Two sweet faces

Addison with Treasure

Emi on Brody - love the spurs!

Draya with Emi

2013 filly - Devon's last foal

by Orchard Hills Snapdragon 

Viewing room at Christmas


Fiesta with Foal

Draya and Treasure

Andrew & Jagger

Emi & Jaime

Barn Aisle

Devon Poster

Early Morning

Head up, heels down

Jaime, Jagger on Treasure, Emi, Dani & Kacy

Blondie at Devon

Kaitlyn Leahy w/Grace

Braids aren't just for ponies

Jaime w/Brody & Emi w/Treasure riding on the grass field

 Haley Zito w/Belle

Royal Belle w/Sylvia de Toledo

Emi with Kyla Sullivan

at Westbrook HC

Emi on Treasure - 2011 @ Westbrook HC show

CHSA Year-End (L-R)

Addison, Emi & Kate


Emi & Treasure - 4th at Devon 2013

3 Generations (L-R) Jaime on Brody,

Emi on Treasure, Jill on Grace

Emi realizes

she's won

Kate's first show - riding Royal Belle at Westbrook HC

Abigail Brayman on

Royal Treasure

2009 Pony Finals

Devon - Emi + Treasure 4th in a big class

Baby Diego

Royal Belle w/

Abigail Brayman

Babies Diego (L) & Merry (R)

Royal Belle w/Alex Carlton

What Luck w/Meg Baumgartner 

Chase The Clouds w/Elizabeth Coughlin

Baby Kashmir

Baby Royal Scandal

Baby Royal Fortune

Baby What Luck

Quicksilver Butterfly, dam of Rosa

Benlea Pandora, dam of Blondie

Cllynncopa Batik, dam of Mae & Henry

Baby Royal Treasure

Baby Royal Belle

Emi with Treasure - Winner W/T Pleasure @ Fairfield HC