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We strive to make all of our horses comfortable and happy while helping them to reach their fullest potential.  

We believe all horses deserve the right start to bettter ensure their future success and security, and that

horses who've been started badly or mishandled deserve an opportunity to be rehabilitated.

We are a full service training facility.  

Miles gets a lesson from mom Ali

School lesson pricing  ​       



Single Lesson Price                         $ 60

New Student Package                     $200   (5 lessons)

A one-time package for students new to Epic Farm

Monthly Lesson Package 1              $ 55 per lesson

One (1) lesson per week -- payable at first lesson each month

Monthly Lesson Package 2              $ 50 per lesson
Two (2) lessons per week -- payable at first lesson each month

Monthly Lesson Package 3              $ 45 per lesson
Three (3) lessons per week -- payable at first lesson each month

Lessons for 3 Year-Olds & Under    $ 40 per lesson
20 minutes of riding time

Schooling horse shows

Coaching                             $50 per day

Epic Farm Horse Lease

for Horse Show                   $25 per day


Jaime, Emi & Treasure at Devon

Jaime on Brody, Emi on Treasure on the grass field

Getting ready at Devon

Jaime & What Luck

Never too young to start riding

Emi and Draya

Amanda Cosentino on Belle

Draya Gohagon on Treasure

For Horse Shows

and Other Services

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LESSONS  -    our School lessons are open to all


Whether you're seeking to return to riding, or if you'd like to advance to the next level, we can

 structure a program that will improve your skills and your confidence.  


 If you'd like to introduce your child to all the joys of horses and riding, we've had tremendous

 success with young children.  We have quiet, patient ponies available to give your children a positive

 first experience and to help them develop into competent young riders.  If they have the desire

 and talent, we can teach and support them through an advanced level of true horsemanship. 

Well-mannered, responsive and willing horses are the result of patient, quiet handling and careful, consistent

training.  These horses have confidence and they are trusting, which makes them better able to accept new situations and to handle stress.

They're easy to recognize -- they have a work ethic and readily accept new challenges.

They want to please, and will always give more of themselves.  

They're the ones you can trust your child to, and they're the ones everyone wants.  

They are not always easy to find.

Whether you have a young horse in need of gentle and skilled early training, a youngster ready to progress to the next level, or an older horse in need of some re-programming, we can tailor  an individualized program to suit your horse and your goals.